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You can count on me

I am writing to you today with a wool scarf wound around my entire upper body and a wool blanket tied at my waist. I have a cold, and Brandon has a cold, and before that, he had food poisoning. We are a house under siege.

That, however, has not prevented me from getting that salted chocolate cookie recipe that you wanted. Nor has it stopped me from eating said salted chocolate cookies. You can count on me.

I’m going to cut right to the chase, because I don’t want to get to get between you and your cookies, and also because I have an appointment with a down comforter. Here’s what you need to know.

My friend Renee, she who brought the salted chocolate cookies on our crabbing trip, owns a restaurant called Boat Street Café. (If I’m being thorough, she also co-owns The Walrus and the Carpenter.) The cookies in question are currently served at Boat Street, where I believe they keep company with a dark chocolate pot de crème. They’re adapted from Tartine, from a recipe called Deluxe Double-Chocolate Cookies, which calls for half a pound of melted bittersweet chocolate. HALF. A. POUND. Plus cocoa. The original version of the recipe is a drop cookie, but Renee and her cooks make theirs a slice-and-bake, which looks a little more elegant. And before slicing, they roll the log of dough in sugar, so that the cookies wind up looking like they’re wearing sequined collars - which, now that I’ve typed that out, sounds exceedingly twee, but it feels nice when it crackles between your teeth. They also add a pinch of Maldon salt, just a few flakes, to the top of each unbaked cookie. It’s not a lot, but it’s what makes the cookie work. It wakes it up.

What I’ve been wanting to say for the past half hour, actually, is that these cookies taste the way I always wish brownies would. Because that, that right there, is what you need to know.

Now, lest you spend a lot of time comparing the photographs above with the photograph of the cookies in my last post, I should tell you that my cookies didn’t turn out exactly like Renee’s. I don’t know why, but mine are thinner and softer. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that, but hers had a sandy, shortbread-ish quality, I seem to remember - unless I was going after them like a real animal and accidentally ate some of the beach? I can’t figure it out. Brandon told me yesterday that he also suspects that Renee adds some chopped chocolate to the dough, which is a great idea. I’ll try that next time. Either way, I am not complaining.

Salted Chocolate Cookies
Adapted from Tartine, by Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson, and from Renee Erickson and Boat Street Café

Renee tells me that when they make these cookies at Boat Street, they use Valrhona “Guanaja” 70% chocolate, so that’s what I used, too. Whatever brand of chocolate you choose, make sure you love it, because that’s what the finished cookies will taste like. 70% cacao is ideal, but anything above 60% will do the job. And if you can’t find Maldon salt, a coarse sea salt will probably be just fine.

At Boat Street, they make these cookies quite small, about 1 ½ inches across. At home, I made half of the dough into small cookies, and I made the other half into more normal-sized ones, about 2 ¼ to 2 ½ inches across. I think I prefer the latter. In any case, if you want small cookies, divide your dough into four portions, and shape each portion into a skinny log, about an inch in diameter. For larger cookies, shape your dough into two logs, each about 1 ½-inches in diameter. Whichever way, you’ll wind up with a lot of cookies. I forgot to count them before we started eating them, so I don’t have an accurate yield size for you. Sorry! But really, you’ll have a LOT.

Last, note that this dough tastes best - and is easiest to work with - when it’s been allowed to rest in the fridge for a day or so before baking.

225 grams (8 ounces) bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
155 grams (1 ¼ cups) all-purpose flour
50 grams (½ cup plus 2 Tbsp.) unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tsp. baking powder
115 grams (8 Tbsp.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
225 grams (1 cup plus 2 Tbsp.) sugar, plus more for rolling the logs
2 large eggs
¼ tsp. table salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
75 ml (1/3 cup) whole milk
Maldon salt, for finishing

Pour water into a saucepan to a depth of about 2 inches. Bring to a simmer. Put the chocolate in a heatproof bowl that will rest securely on the rim of the saucepan, and place it over – not touching – the simmering water. (Make sure that the bowl is completely dry before putting the chocolate into it, and take care that no moisture gets into the chocolate. Moisture will cause it to seize.) Heat, stirring occasionally, just until the chocolate melts and is smooth. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa, and baking powder. Using a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter on medium-high speed until creamy. Slowly add the sugar, and continue to beat until the mixture is completely smooth and soft, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula as needed. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Beat in the salt and the vanilla, and then add the melted chocolate, beating to incorporate. Add the milk, and beat until combined. Finally, add the flour mixture and beat on low speed until just incorporated. The dough will be quite thick and stiff.

Depending on what size cookie you’d like to wind up with (see headnote, above), divide the dough into 2 or 4 portions. Put each portion on a large piece of plastic wrap, and shape into a log, using the wrap to help you smoosh, roll, and smooth it. Twist the ends to seal. Chill overnight. (If you’re into advance planning, the dough can probably be kept in the fridge for at least a week, or frozen for longer keeping.)

When you’re ready to bake the cookies, preheat the oven to 350°F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Put another sheet of parchment paper on your work surface. Take a spoonful or two of sugar, and pour it onto the parchment, making a ridge of sugar of approximately the same length as your dough logs. Remove a log from the fridge, unwrap it, and roll in the sugar to evenly coat. Using a thin, sharp knife, slice the dough into ¼- to 1/3-inch slices. (If you’re making small cookies, the 1/3-inch thickness is best.) Lay the slices on the baking sheet, leaving about 2 inches between each cookie. Sprinkle each cookie with a few flakes of Maldon salt.

Bake for 10 minutes, or until the top of the cookies looks set but still feels a little soft to the touch. Transfer to a wire rack, and leave the cookies on the pan to cool. Repeat with remaining dough.

Note: These cookies will keep at room temperature for several days.

Yield: a lot


Blogger Natashia said...

I love a good simple cookie! And especially when your sick. These look great! Hope you get better soon.

11:16 PM, January 11, 2012  
Blogger Rachel said...

Café Soleil (part of the Étoile restaurant in Madison, WI) serves a cookie that I suspect is very similar to this. They are called Chocolate Sand cookies and are to die for. Thanks for posting this recipe. I will have to make these for myself now that I have been provided a recipe!

11:42 PM, January 11, 2012  
Blogger Thinking of the days said...

Oh excellent!Not the news of your colds of course or Brandon's food poisoning(poor boy) ...but joy of joys, the salted chocolate cookie recipe!

Guess what I'm making this weekend!I'm really looking forward to these....

In the meantime, hope you both looking after yourselves.A stinky cold is bad enough , but food poisoning? I went on a press to the Gambia a couple of years ago and came back with salmonella - I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

12:01 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Blackbird Experience said...

yummy! thank you, and now GO GET SOME REST!!! ;)

12:29 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger london bakes said...

Your description of these cookies has sold me on them!

1:06 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger hannahalehandra said...

They look so divine! Cannot wait to try them. Thank you for sharing, and I hope that you feel better soon sweetheart. Much love, from England.


2:10 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger deborah said...

I hear you re: under siege .. I've had the same bug as Brandon which followed me from one continent to another ... And a week later! But these cookies ... Oh I love that little sugar flecked collar. I must try these assoon as the spluttering stops. Feel better soon!

3:03 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous A Plum By Any Other Name said...

Both pictures look like large, chocolatey raindrops falling. Lovely. And, heck, who cares: shortbread-ish or of the soft variety, they look very, very necessary.

They remind me of a version of chocolate cookies with sea salt from a wonderful Boston chef, Barbara Lynch (her cookbook is Stir). I did something terribly wrong to that recipe and ended up having to throw them out. I'm finally over that trauma. Maybe it's time I man up and give these sequin collared ladies a go?

4:11 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Kelsey said...

These sound so good! My new guilty pleasure is adding sea salt to everything (salt on a salad. Amazing). I have actually never has Maldon salt but I saw it at the store yesterday. Now I am going to buy some and make these delicious cookies!

5:06 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Hayley Daen said...

these are just what I need right now to distract me from the mountain of work looming over me. heading out to go get ingredients. also, I just finished A Homemade Life- it is truly wonderful!

5:06 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Gabrielle said...

These look fantastic! The're absolutely next on my "to bake" list. I'm trying to fit in lots of chocolate desserts before I leave for Madagascar- I may not have consistent access to chocolate there (or a reliable oven)!

5:30 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Casey @ The Baker Bee said...

Looks like I'll be making these tonight. I have kind of an affinity for anything with bittersweet chocolate & salt. I also love having cookie doughs that I can freeze and slice & bake later.

6:08 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous thetravelingheart said...

mmm! They look so charming and delicious! I recently ate some salted chocolate from Lindt and fell in love so I want to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

6:14 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Gio said...

"Yield: a lot" - this made me smile. haha! thank you for the recipe. :D

6:34 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Julie said...

Well, now I know what I will be doing today instead of planting the ten million seeds for my business...I have a date with salted chocolate cookies. My soul needs them. And I'm not being overly dramatic, I don't think.

Thank you for sharing, even in the midst of your crud. Hope you rest and feel better quickly!

6:52 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Roberta said...

Maldon salt and Valrhona “Guanaja” 70%. It all sounds so exotic, so extraordinary! I would take either the sandy shortbread-ish result or the softer cookie. I'm NOT picky when it comes to chocolate cookies.

7:56 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Nikki said...

Get well soon, Molly (and Brandon, too). Half a pound of chocolate should help your speedy recovery--you know, since it's full of antidioxidants & will lower your blood pressure. Ok, enough reading this comment. Go back to your comforter.

8:21 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Kristin said...

I just tried making these and I'm wondering if the milk is meant to be there - it was more like a cake batter than a cookie dough. I added in loads more flour to try to make the dough thick and stiff, like the recipe says, but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see if that saved it. Any thoughts?

8:23 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Heather M. said...

I love you for including that Muppets clip. Thank you for the recipe! And I hope you both feel better soon.

8:55 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Heather M. said...

P.S. I made your chocolate blocks (from 2006) for the first time and brought them to a Christmas party. So easy, so delicious. Perfect party food. Again, thanks!

8:57 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Eri said...

Get well soon! Thank you for the cookies!

9:15 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Janice said...

thank you, thank you, thank you miss molly! girls night tomorrow night and these sound like the perfect thing to share!

bless you and renee!

9:19 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Marisa said...

Woo-hoo! My first recipe of the year to veganize!

9:21 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger A Day That is Dessert said...

You crack me up. And, that 'animal' link made my day. Feel better soon, you two. xo

9:31 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous lizykat said...

oh. my. gosh... thanks so much for this... even in the middle of 'siege-ness' you share.

9:33 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Victoria said...

I'm sorry you are both sick. Colds are horrible, but food poisoning is beyond the pale in terms of feeling HORRIBLE!

I had a cold the week before Christmas. Instead of enjoying being all cozy and wrapped up, reading, drinking tea, enjoying downtime that I never have, I just wanted it to go away. The best I could do was be glad it wasn't the actual week of Christmas.

I love "sandy" cookies too, but these sound great sandy or not. I have to go to Zabar's to get that particular Valrhona chocolate.

Hope you both feel better very soon.

9:45 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous anu said...

Hope you and Brandon feel better very soon!

9:46 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger the starving student said...

Thank you for braving your cold and managing to get the recipe! It definitely looks and sounds like a winner...Now go enjoy your nice warm blankets and get some rest!

9:48 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Victoria said...

These sound absolutely divine! And medicinal! I hope they do the trick and you're feeling better soon!

9:55 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger KidEats said...

Molly! Thanks for sharing even though you are sick! These sound delicious... Salty and sweet. I love your recipes and the stories you share behind them. I recently blogged about the yeasted waffle, and gushed about you in my post! ~ Lauren

9:57 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Jennifer K. Mann said...

Salt and chocolate are a holy union. Chopped candied ginger makes a nice threesome. And I wholly agree about brownies...
Thank you for this wonderful looking recipe..can't wait to make it.

9:58 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Connie said...

These sound fabulous. Hope you feel better. I am trying these cookies today!

10:03 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Ana Sofia said...

Funny story. This update came into my inbox at exactly the same time as my FLOTUS email so for a couple of seconds I thought it was written by Michelle Obama. Anyway feel better! Cookies look amazing!

10:05 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Emily Rae said...

Oh thank you for retrieving the recipe! These look wonderful. And the animal link was great too.

10:25 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Carrie said...

You must have read my mind because just this morning I've been searching for a good brownie or chocolate cookie recipe with which to use up some dark chocolate I have leftover from the holidays. I think this recipe will be perfect for the job. Thank you, Molly. Hope you feel better soon!

10:33 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yup, been thinking about those cookies.....recipe came just in time.

10:38 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger tori said...

Sincerely hoping you feel better soon. A couple of cookies, a mug of tea and some time on the couch with something insipid usually does the trick for me. Or a glass of wine. That also seems to help.

10:54 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Katharina said...

Oh dear, I hope you guys feel better soon!
These cookies sound absolutely amazing! The perfect wintery 'the sun will come out again at some point, until then chocolate will make everything better' kinda food :)
I'll have to try them this weekend.

11:11 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous JudyB said...

Sounds divine! This one is going to be made this weekend.

11:13 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one will be made this weekend. Sounds yummy.

11:14 AM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Annie said...

After I read your post (actually in the middle of reading it), I pulled some butter and eggs out to warm up. I didn't think I'd be this ready to bake cookies again so soon after my binge of holiday baking, but this recipe is irresistible. Thanks for posting it, and get well soon.

11:21 AM, January 12, 2012  
OpenID Deanna said...

I just made the whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, and now I'm regretting baking off all the dough as I have no room for these in the cookie jar...yet.

11:38 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Miss Iona Lion said...

You sure know how to make a girl happy!

11:44 AM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Molly said...

Hi, all. Sad to report that the cold is worse today. This one really hangs around. Brandon is on his sixth(!) day of it. In any case, thank you! I'm hoping tomorrow is much better.

But Kristin, I'm so sorry to hear that your cookie dough was weird! It does sound way too wet, yes. I worried that I had made a typo, so I double-checked the measurements above, and they're the same as what's in the book. Then I worried that maybe the volume measures in the book were off - I used only weight measures when I made the cookies - so I double-checked them this morning, too, with my measuring cups and my scale. The only problem I found is that 155 grams of flour seems to measure out to 1 ¼ cups, not 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon, as the book indicated. I've changed the recipe above to reflect that. But either way, it's only a difference of 3 tablespoons, and I don't think that's enough to leave you with something as soupy as cake batter. I wish I knew what else to tell you. I'm so sorry, and I hope you've been able to salvage it...

12:04 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Susan..... said...

Crunchy or soft, these cookies are exactly what my husband has been asking for.
Hope you feel better.

12:21 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Eleana said...

I have a HUGE weakness for salted desserts ... chocolte, caramel, butterscotch, puddings, etc. I love them all. Can't wait to make this recipe!

Sorry you and Brandon have been sick. Feel better soon!!

2:22 PM, January 12, 2012  
OpenID culinarypretend said...

Those sound so lovely! I have a similar cookie on my blog that I just stumbled into inventing. You should check them out here - http://strawberriesandpepper.com/2011/12/10/chocolate-hazelnuts-and-apricots-oh-my/

2:48 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Pia said...

I know I'll love these cookies even before I've baked them. And I love the first photograph - like snowflakes on tree stumps.

2:49 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Holly (The Apiarist) said...

I used to live right up the street from Boat Street Cafe, and it was my happy place. Oh, I miss it so! I will definitely try out these cookies soon, and fantasize about the pork chop, and the creamed kale, and the pickle plate, and the...pardon me...I just drooled on my keyboard. Better be off now!

3:34 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Claudia said...

I'm not sick, I'm "mindfully eating" but I live in Minnesota and it is January. So I need this in my life. Feel better - or just dwell in softness, cookies and broth until the nastiness turns around.

4:26 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Lori (in PA) @ In My Kitchen, In My Life said...

I'm sorry about the sickness, but thank you for bravely soldiering on in the job of delivering your readers some dark chocolate love.

4:40 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

And I write this with a microwave-heated bean bag around my neck. (Due probably the same west coast cold and an uninsulated(!) apartment.)

I just wanted to say that I am THRILLED you are giving recipes with weight measurements now. Fewer dishes to wash and way easier to convert to gluten-free! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (:

4:45 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Amy said...

Thanks, Molly! Will it work to freeze some of the logs of dough so we can bake in smaller batches, over time? If so, how long do you think it will keep?

5:20 PM, January 12, 2012  
Blogger Rose said...

Thank you! All the food she brought during your crabbing trip sounded awesome. Now how bout that soup recipe? LOL

5:43 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly, I hope you don't have the bug that's been going around Ballard since November. It tends to have a lingering cough, and will do its best to become bronchitis. Get well soon, I hope you have some good whisky at home!

5:46 PM, January 12, 2012  
OpenID twentyeightletters.com said...

I knew it! Cookies can be a health food. They certainly seem to me you (and all of us) feel better.

7:01 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Maya said...

Molly, I ABSOLUTELY put chopped chocolate in our cookies. Oh yeah.

7:18 PM, January 12, 2012  
OpenID ericabanks said...

When I had a bad cold a year ago at this time I made your banana bread recipe with the crystallized ginger and I think it was the key to my recovery. I hope you feel better soon and I LOVE the Muppets clip.

7:36 PM, January 12, 2012  
Anonymous Kristin said...

Thanks for your feedback, Molly. I baked the cookies this morning and they turned out just fine (there were no complaints about having chocolate cookies for breakfast!). Still not sure where I went wrong, but all's well that ends well!

1:57 AM, January 13, 2012  
Anonymous Ilke said...

Good luck with trying to get better, it sucks that it is not going away and came on top of food poisoning for Brandon. Hang in there. I am sure those cookies are helping. We will not forget this sacrifice you have done for us :)

4:29 AM, January 13, 2012  
Blogger jjk84 said...

Hi Molly, long-time reader and admirer here! I just wanted to say that I had the same experience as Kristin with this recipe, getting more of a batter than a dough: I mixed the dough up this morning using the weight measurements and my scale. My instinct was to add a bit more flour, but was afraid of ruining the texture since I had already used half all-purpose and half whole wheat flour (for a total of 155g)...so I smeared it onto some plastic wrap dusted with flour and put it in the fridge. Not sure what will be waiting for me when I get home later tonight, but if it hasn't hardened enough, my plan is to freeze the log before slicing and baking tomorrow morning to take with me to London to visit friends. Thanks for double-checking the weights for us, but any other thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

4:56 AM, January 13, 2012  
Blogger Megan said...

I can't thank you enough for recommending Boat Street. I think about that restaurant on a regular basis, and it, along with a restaurant in Chicago, have become the template for the kind of thing I want in a restaurant.

I was in a cute store in Chicago last week that carries Boat Street pickles. I grabbed a jar of pickled prunes without a moment's consideration.

8:15 AM, January 13, 2012  
Anonymous Sharyn Dimmick said...

I might make these -- without the salt: I am completely immune to the practice of putting salt on desserts, but I do have some chocolate I want to use up.

9:02 AM, January 13, 2012  
Anonymous Cat said...

I suspect that if you hardboiled the egg yolks instead of using whole eggs you would get a nice sandy texture from you cookies.

12:37 PM, January 13, 2012  
Blogger Anna said...

These sound wonderful! I'm interested to see how they compare to Dorie Greenspan's Korova (sablé) cookies, which are very similar and a favorite at my house.

Hope you're feeling better!

1:00 PM, January 13, 2012  
Blogger Kitchen Vignettes said...

oh oh oh, these sound divine, right up my alley except i'm just starting a post-holiday sugar detox (triple sigh of self-pity). ah well, these yummy-lookings will serve as the carrot on the end of my stick. hope you feel better very soon!

1:51 PM, January 13, 2012  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Oh boat street how I love boat street - if you could please smuggle out her recipe for amaretto bread pudding...I dream about it!! Hope you feel better Molly!

4:11 PM, January 13, 2012  
OpenID lizlemonnights said...

Nothing you write is very twee, don't worry! It's always so warm and true, a huge reason why I think we all look forward to the email that says you've updated.

Hope you're feeling better already. Thanks for writing despite being under the weather!

4:57 AM, January 14, 2012  
Blogger Nan said...

Interesting your comment that the cookie tastes as you might hope a brownie would taste. The recipe ingredient list does read more like a brownie recipe than a cookie recipe. I would think paring down the ingredient list (lose the leavening, eggs and the milk)to focus on butter, sugar, chocolate and flour could lead to a different (less brownie-like), and perhaps worthy result. But that would be someone else's cookie for another day.

11:35 AM, January 14, 2012  
Anonymous Kimby said...

Molly, sure hope you're feeling better (your loved one, too.) You went above and beyond the call of duty to post a recipe while you were under the weather -- many thanks. These cookies look like the universal cure-all!

11:49 AM, January 14, 2012  
Anonymous sara forte said...

i actually just love the yield count ;) feel better, pretty lady.

4:02 PM, January 14, 2012  
Blogger Molly said...

Amy, re: freezing the dough, absolutely. By all means! I can't say how long it will keep, though, because it depends on your freezer. There's no real reason for it to go bad - the freezer prevents spoilage - but after a while, I do find that things start to get freezer burn, or they smell and taste like the freezer...

4:50 PM, January 14, 2012  
Anonymous Ingrid A said...

Wow I love baking and am a chocaholic, this is the perfect excuse to ignore my New Year's resolution!

10:50 AM, January 15, 2012  
Anonymous laurie said...

Hope the cold has left the premises by now! A few thoughts on the difference between the cookies...King Arthur all purpose is my go-to flour, but I had to buy another brand recently because the store was out. I couldn't believe the difference it has made in my recipes. In my biscuits, for example, using KA flour results in biscuits with a golden top and lighter bottoms. With the other flour, the tops were lighter and the bottoms were dark. I was so intrigued by this that I remade them with both flours on the same day to see if the results were the same, which they were. It would be interesting to find out if you were using the same flour, or a flour with a similar percentage of protein.

2:12 PM, January 15, 2012  
Anonymous Holly said...

For anyone out there who has a wheat allergy (like me), I made these cookies with the new Cup4Cup gluten-free flour. The cookies came out little soft, but tasted simply divine. Thank you for the recipe!

6:28 PM, January 15, 2012  
Blogger Sara said...

whole wheat flour perhaps? Or be sure to chill the dough in the fridge over night? It reminds me of another recipe I have seen.

10:27 AM, January 16, 2012  
Anonymous Lakshmi said...

I keep thinking that I am done with chocolate but considering that I wolfed down a square of Lindt milk chocolate a minute ago, that's probably not 100% accurate. These cookies sound great but it may be a while before I embark on another chocolate cookie trip.

Oh, I made your lovely chocolate blocks during the holidays. Managed to mess it up (how, you'd think! Such a simple recipe) but it all came together in the end... Yay for Holiday Goodies - http://therichvegetarian.com/2011/12/holiday-goodies/.

10:51 AM, January 16, 2012  
Blogger alphawoman said...

I have decided to give up candy in the new year. Now I have taken up cookies! I am going to give these a try tomorrow!

6:38 PM, January 16, 2012  
OpenID sunflowerchild11 said...

The Frenchies call them "diamants" exactly for their sparkly collars. But yours look nicer than the French bakery ones, and more original. Salt and chocolate, oh la la!

Bon mardi!

5:07 AM, January 17, 2012  
Blogger Part Time Homemaker said...

I can't wait to make these and have them with a glass of ice cold chocolate milk. One can never have enough chocolate!

7:21 AM, January 17, 2012  
Blogger Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Rest in the fridge for a day?


9:32 AM, January 17, 2012  
Blogger les and joe said...

Check out Dorie Greenspan's recipe for World Peace cookies if you are looking for a more shortbread-y but still super chocolatey cookie. The amount of chocolate in here is more though so these may take the chocolate cake.

3:01 PM, January 17, 2012  
Blogger megcjones said...

these sound delicious! and i hope you're feeling better.

12:29 AM, January 18, 2012  
Blogger jjk84 said...

Hi Molly, hope you're feeling better! I just wanted to follow up on the results of the cookie dough that was more like a batter -- I have made two batches of these in the past week (for friends and colleagues!), and both times had the same results with the dough: it's sticky and soft, almost airy when it first comes together, but then chills perfectly into a firm, slice-and-bake cookie dough overnight in the fridge... and the cookies are DELICIOUS. Wonderously soft and tender in the center, with a slight crunch on the sides from the sugar and an intense chocolate flavor - all perfectly accented by the Maldon flakes. This is my new fave choc cookie recipe -- thanks!!!

1:13 AM, January 18, 2012  
Blogger Amanda said...

Those look amazing! I love the sugar around the edges and the few sprinkles of salt. They look so chic!

6:23 AM, January 18, 2012  
Anonymous g. said...

hope you both feel better soon! (our home in under siege as well)...

12:05 PM, January 18, 2012  
Anonymous anne-lise said...

if you refrigerate them, they might get thicker! this is the trick for really thick + chunky choc chip cookies :) i've been told that if they're really cold when they go into the oven, they don't melt as quickly and keep their height.

12:10 PM, January 18, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:37 PM, January 18, 2012  
Anonymous Zoe said...

I was drawn in as soon as you described the cookies looking as if they'd been wrapped in sequins. A romantic notion, I must say! Hope you're both feeling better soon.

3:49 PM, January 18, 2012  
Blogger Kristen said...

Any chance of getting that del.squash and leek soup recipe? Or know of one that is good?

7:22 PM, January 20, 2012  
Anonymous Kristine in Santa Barbara said...

I know we weren't supposed to compare....but perhaps there were two types of choc. cookies on your boat trip? On the left, I see chocolate crackly cookies with no sugar edge, that look like the Tartine recipe. And on the right I see something that looks lighter and totally different, more sandy/sable like. I just made the Tartine batter and there is nothing stiff about it. I had already decided to leave out the leavening and milk to see if I could get a "sandier" cookie. The batter was still way too wet and messy to roll nicely into a log. But the batter tastes great. Can't go wrong with chocolate and cocoa together. Looking forward to baking them up. But maybe you could check with Renee to see if there was more than one chocolate cookie in that box?

9:22 PM, January 20, 2012  
Blogger Pennie said...

Mmmmm...you had me at chocolate and Maldon salt. Hope you're feeling better!

10:30 AM, January 21, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second what Cat said. I use the cooks illustrated method and use the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. Just work it through a sieve with a rubber spatula at the creaming step.

12:09 PM, January 21, 2012  
Anonymous skye said...

Molly, delurking here to say that I baked these cookies today- they were perfect! Much easier to slice after I popped them in the freezer for about 20 minutes (mixed the dough yesterday). Going on day 4 of being housebound now, thanks to that nasty snow/ice/windstorm. But thankfully we have power, and I have been too busy baking to get bored :)
I hope you are much better!
P.S. I have made your yogurt cake (with Meyer lemon) 7, yes, 7 times in the last month. I did bring two to work :)

3:40 PM, January 21, 2012  
Blogger Molly said...

Kristine in Santa Barbara, yep, there was only one kind of cookie! Not sure why they look so different in the photo from the previous post, but they are indeed all the same kind of cookie. I wish I knew why your batter wound up so thin! I've been really puzzling over it. Can you tell me what brand of flour you used?

7:35 PM, January 21, 2012  
Blogger Ian B said...

Sold on the cookies.....

love the photography.......

subscribed to the blog....

not a bad days work I'd say :-)


9:24 PM, January 22, 2012  
Anonymous Kristine in Santa Barbara said...

I'm pretty sure the flour in my pantry jar was Arrowhead Mills Unbleached Organic. Like I said, I left out the milk and baking powder, as I was going for a less cakey texture. Eggs and milk and baking powder are going to make a soft cookie. But the recipe had melted choc and cocoa so I knew it would be good. The dough wasn't batter thin, but very soft and globby, so didn't make a pretty log. It sliced great after just a few hours of chilling and the cookies were wonderful. We loved them. Great flavor and texture. I'd make them again that way.

8:35 AM, January 23, 2012  
Blogger kale @ tastes good to me! said...

Sick yet still making & posting delicious treats?? You are a champion!

11:50 AM, January 23, 2012  
Anonymous Chiara said...

I can't wait to try these. It's freezing in Edinburgh, so any excuse to curl up with a sweet treat gets my vote!

12:53 PM, January 23, 2012  
Anonymous Mich said...

I received the Tartine cookbook last year as a birthday gift, and yet another shout-out here! Clearly, a sign! I need to go open it and start baking right now. And brownie-like cookies? What could be better?

4:50 PM, January 23, 2012  
Anonymous Payal said...

Hi Molly, I made the cookies and thank you so much for the recipe because they came out absolutely delicious. They are soft, yet chewy and intensely chocolatey. We loved it. Thanks again!

10:23 AM, January 24, 2012  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

These look delicious! I really enjoy caramel salted dark chocolate so I am thinking these cookies are perfect for me. I look forward to making them this weekend and cuddling up in my down comforter also :)

8:33 PM, January 24, 2012  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

I just converted this recipe to gluten-free and they are absolutely wonderful -- a pleasing dense, chewy, chocolately texture.

Instead of the flour, I used 40 g. sweet white sorghum flour, 35 g. GF oat flour, 40 g. sweet rice flour and 40 g. tapioca starch.

I also didn't plan far enough ahead, so I put them in the freezer for the first hour, then the fridge for 5 or 6 hours. They were lovely and easy to work with -- and baked up a dream!

Oh, and I put in some chopped chocolate and loved it. Also loved Vancouver Island sea salt sprinkled on top . . . Definitely a cookie that will be in the standard rotation around our house. Thank you!

9:07 PM, January 31, 2012  
Blogger Sean said...

Thank you Molly my wife made these for my birthday and they were better than any cake or treat I could have asked for.

12:05 PM, February 02, 2012  
Blogger D. Carlson said...

Thank you for the recipe. I followed it (except that I had to use a different brand of chocolate) and everyone enjoyed them. I got 72 out of my batch. Not bad.

6:00 PM, February 11, 2012  
Blogger A and B said...

I just moved to Ballard, so I am dying to try the Walrus and the Carpenter and your restaurant as well! Plus you can never go wrong adding salt to cookies! These look delicious!

10:10 AM, February 13, 2012  
Blogger Sara Schokolade said...

I made a whole-wheat version of these (the dough was strange - almost mousse-like and impossibley messy to roll and/or drop [I tried both], not that this is something to complain about, because it's delicious from fingers, too), as well as a really beautiful burnt caramel sauce (a la Recchiuti, but without having to pay for shipping) and homemade whipped cream. They. Were. Amazing.

(Note the "were" there - one night, all gone. Ridiculous.)

Anyhow, as ever - thanks!

7:58 AM, February 14, 2012  
Anonymous Jenny Sullivan said...

I made these cookies with 60% cacao chocolate because the 72% Scharffenberger chocolate was too expensive at the local market ($24 for 3 3.5 ounce blocks). My cookie dough, despite chasing around those teensy grams on my baking scale, was also soft and wet and therefore, I didn't try to shape it into a log. I used my trusty one tablespoon scoop and baked a test dozen which were quite good. I refrigerated the remaining dough and tried again the next day. The dough was very crumbly so I scooped again with the one tablespoon scoop and ended up with a total of 41 cookies. This recipe reminds me of another for "Cocoa Fudge Cookies" created by Alice Medrich for Cooking Light Magazine several years ago. (My family prefers that recipe which they say is more moist.)

4:57 PM, February 15, 2012  
Blogger Stacy said...

These are delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe....

9:51 AM, February 22, 2012  
Blogger spelyea said...

just wanted to add my two cents - i did weigh out my ingredients, and used scharffen berger 62% [as well as salted butter]. those were the only changes i made, and my dough was quite soft. i did my best to roll it up into two gigantic misshapen tootsie roll logs, and was pleasantly surprised when the dough firmed up enough this afternoon to slice them easily.
so if your dough is soft as well, all is not lost! like with most things in life, things will be better in the morning!

these tasted wonderful straight from the oven, and even better when i waited for them to cool so that the edges crisped.

i'm going to try making david leibowitz's salted butter caramel ice cream in a few days and serve these with them - along with some pretzels. i can't eat ice cream these days without at least a handful!

11:42 AM, February 27, 2012  
Blogger spelyea said...

oh my - i shall never spell a name from memory again!
so sorry david *lebovitz!*

2:07 PM, March 02, 2012  
Blogger pankaj prasad said...

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11:29 PM, March 21, 2012  
Blogger Audrey McClune said...

I'm a little late in the game, but I also have the soft dough problem, and I think the issue is that I did not let the chocolate cool much before making the batter. I had all the other ingredients ready. I think maybe letting the melted chocolate cool a lot more would help if you're following the recipe to a T. But I'm not going to worry because according to all your helpful posts, I can just throw it in the fridge and let it firm up :)

1:23 PM, May 02, 2012  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Just made these yesterday for a business meeting and hubby declared they are the best cookies I ever made. I used whipping cream instead of milk, left the dough in the fridge for a day and then rolled them into logs and into the sugar. Baked only for 8 minutes and they are divine today! Keep the recipes coming!
Thank you from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

1:33 PM, February 20, 2013  
Anonymous Stacy said...

I finally got around to making these for an annual Christmas cookie exchange that I do with my friends. Amazing! They kind of remind me of chocolate-covered pretzels, a Christmas cookie tray standby in my family, but these are so much better. Thanks for the recipe!

8:26 AM, December 06, 2013  

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